House under the roof

Unbelievably fast, only two weeks after starting the montage, our future schoolhouse has been covered with a roof!
Our neigbours, the passerbys stop and admire how during one morning or afternoon next walls, floors, stairs appear.
Next week a tooping out ceremony will take place!
Beautiful black roof tiles are waiting for their turn!




Concrete mixers are there

Six concrete mixers,  110 tons of concrete, 5 hours of pumping, concrete floors as well as great engagement and so there is the first layer of foundations!

The highest time for Feierabend!

Foundation laying

We have finished preparing the ground for the foundations:
warming pellets of 60 ³ m of glass foam on the felt lining,
on top of it PE foil under concrete.

Next step: concrete screed on 5 tons of reinforcing steel.

First layer today!


Goodbye our old schoolhouse…

After three weeks after beginning construction works, our little white schoolhous is not there anymore…
What is left are wonderful memories, plenty of pictures and a big hole in the ground…
When the hills of sand are removed, we will strt laying the foundations.

During the demolition showed rusty pipes, strange building materials and a newspaper dated in 1935:

Old house, new house!

It has started! Yesterday, on the 15th of July 2019, the demolition of our old house began. Although we cannot wait to see the new building, it was quite a sad view. Luckily, we have many wonderful memories captured in photos and films.

It’s time to say: goodbye old house in Maares Str.


Farewell party!

Last Saturday (the 6th of July 2019) we said goodbye to our old house in the Maarer Str. 48 by having a great farewell party. Many guests, including teachers, course participants, neighbours, their families and friends could paint the building adding to it a last artistic flair. Mostly children expressed their talents. See the results below!   Now follows the next stage: moving to the interim rooms in Wallenroder Str. 1!

Altes Haus, neues Haus!

Im Bauhaus-Jubiläumsjahr bauen wir ein neues Haus – auf dem gleichen Grundstück, auf dem sich unsere Schule in Wittenau seit 2014 befindet, aber etwas größer in Höhe und Breite und vor allem moderner und komfortabler für uns alle.

In Erinnerung an die schönen Zeiten bisher, möchten wir uns gebührend mit einem großen Fest von unserem alten Schulhaus verabschieden. Das Haus soll dabei einen letzten fantasievollen Anstrich vor seinem Abriss erhalten. Für diese künstlerische Aktion stellen wir die Materialien wie Farben, Pinsel oder Stifte zur Verfügung. Es braucht aber euch, um Ideen in Bildern und Schriftzügen an diesem einen, besonderen Tag zu verewigen.

Schaut doch einfach mal vorbei!