Topping out ceremony

According to the building tradition, short after finishing a roof construction, we are celebrating a topping out ceremony – a beutiful, scented, fir wreath is being placed at the top of the roof.

Main carpenter, Rico, wearing traditional clothers, is giving a speech and we are breaking glasses which is supposed to be an auspicious sign for the whole investment. The investors are expressing their appreciation  to the Green Constructions company and are handing a cup to the carpenter with a hope for further good cooperation.

This celebration is also a great opportunity for neighbours, friends and staff of Berlinek to see for the first time the interior of the building and imagine how the future school will look like. Mr. Wohlert, a CDU councillor in Reinickendorf district, is with us and shares our joy and excitement about new learning programs that we will be able to offer in this area thanks our new, bigger schoolhouse.
Except for intensive, funded German courses that we have beeb offering since 2012, Berlinek is planning to extend the offer with individual programs, IT courses for the elder and if everything goes well, there will me organised films evening!

Keep your fingers crossed!