So many talents in our courses…

Meet Dominique, a student in one of our integration courses. We are more than happy to see that the welcoming atmosphere in our school not only does let people learn effectively, but also present their talents. Watch the video and see how the international environment in our courses inspired Dominique to show us his creative side.


Come to my island

Lay back on the beach
We kick it like Jackie Chan

Or gehen to Polen
I don’t have to say much
They already know I’m the man 

But we live in Berlin
Brot Wurst and Curry Wurst
Meine Frau is my best friend

Or we can go to Russland
St. Petersburg, Previett
Hope to come again. 

Yes you can come 2
On the way to China
Hit you with some King Fu

But Picture us in the Philippines
Belly full of Filipino cuisine 

I’ll see ya when I see ya
Straight from the mother land
It ain’t over
Range Rover to Romania 

Or we can go to Sri Lanka
To try out the Essen
I bin habe hunger 

I would would travel all around the world if I could. 

 Ich lerne Deutsch cuz I should
Our Leherin ist sehr gut. 

Thank you, Dominique!