Language Course


During our program, we teach language in a playful way. Already, after the first lesson, our students develop their knowledge on language thanks to motivating and inspiring exercises. In the classes, we use games, projects, technology and multimedia. The morning lessons prepare our students for the afternoon program, where they can apply their already acquired knowledge. Learning a language in a place where it is daily spoken, bring very quick results and develops in students a need to broaden their knowledge on the culture and history of a country.

mmmExemplary topics: 

  • A tourist abroad
    Dealing with difficult situations abroad, asking for helo or advice, doing shopping, organizing a stay
  • City
    Getting aroud a city, directions, explaining a way, describibg architecture and landscape
  • Culture
    Theatre, museums, music – we discover the talents of our students 🙂
  • Food
    Getting to know traditional Berlin and German products; ordering food
  • Meeting new people
    Talking about oneself, making new acquaintances.

Upon an individual request of a school we adjust our program entirely to current needs and interests of  students!

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