Online courses


Do you feel like learning a new language or ground what you have learnt so far, but in your busy daily life you do not find time for a long way to school?

You are on holidays or business trip and you do not want to miss your coaching?

Our professional online programs stay with you no matter where you currently are. Whetrer on a comfortable sofa, or at your office during a lunch break – we do all our best to create for you an interactuve, idividual course that meets your needs.

Thanks to modern media and learning methods, together with highly qualified teachers, in spite of the distace we stay close.


The following programs can take place online:

Individual programs


In-company courses

Professional coaching


Here you will find important information on booking and performing online courses:
1.To take part in online course you will need a device connected to the Internet (PC, laptop, tablet).

2. Inquiries on online courses should be sent to a coordinator of a respective program.

3. The coordinator will send you your individual online account you will use during your program.

4. Before booking a program, we recommand a trial lesson. It is to be arranged with the coordinator, usually it can bee done in a very short time.

5.During the trial lesson you will discuss with the teacher / coach all your important issues concerning the program: content, scheduleschedule, etc. The teacher / coach will advice you on the most appropriate for you form of the programm as well as estimate your current level.

6. After the trial lesson, the coordinatator will prepare for you a contract. The contract and the invoice will be sent to you via email. A whole tuition or the first installment is to be wired before the first lesson.

7. Days and times of the appointments are to be discussed directy with the teacher / coach.

8. During the whole program, our coordinators are available in case you have any questions or need a technical support.

9. For online programs aplly prices and terms and conditions of respective programs.

We wish you much fun and success!


For more information contact ou office or use our  contact form.


Mother of one of our students shares her experience with online lessoons at Berlinek: