In-company courses

In-company courses during coronavirus time.

 The current situation has been more than a challenge and a financial burden to all entrepreneurs. Therefore, we have prepared a special offer to all companies, which are interested in booking a language course. Until the 31.07.2020 in-company courses can be booked at reduced prices. In order to protect the health of your employees, we perform the programs in digital way. In this way, it is possible to learn and use the time constructively during home office.

In case of any questions, we are happy to advise you individually: contact.

Here you will find important information on booking and performing online courses:
1.To take part in online course you will need a device connected to the Internet (PC, laptop, tablet).

2. Inquiries on online courses should be sent to the coordinatro:

3. The coordiator will prepare for you individual offer adjusted to your needs.

4. Before booking a program, we recommand a trial lesson. It is to be arranged with the coordinator, usually it can bee done in a very short time.

5.During the trial lesson you will discuss with the teacher / coach all your important issues concerning the program: content, scheduleschedule, etc. The teacher / coach will advice you on the most appropriate for you form of the programm as well as estimate your current level.

6. After the trial lesson, the coordinatator will prepare for you a contract. The contract and the invoice will be sent to you via email. A whole tuition or the first installment is to be wired before the first lesson.

7. After successful registration you will receive your individual online account you will use during your program.

8. Days and times of the appointments are to be discussed directy with the teacher / coach.

9. During the whole program, a personal advisor is available in case you have any questions or need a technical support.

10. For online programs aplly prices and terms and conditions of respective programs.

Berlinek wishes you much fun and success!

Miming during business meetings? Better to use words!

There is no time to look for an appropriate word during business meetings. Thanks to our language courses you and your co-workers will be able to hold international business meetings, negotiate in a chosen foreign language and represent your company in an international market.

Sprachenzentrum Berlinek offers courses for companies in the following foreign languages: English, Polish, Russian, German, Spanish, French and others by arrangement. Our aim is to adjust the programme to suit the needs of your company. It is you who decides whether the focus should be on the business correspondence, telephone conversations or customer service or some other domain. We teach not only the basics of a foreign language but also the stylistic nuances for advanced learners.

Business corespondence, customer service or professional conversation over the phone in a fereign language – we provide you with the basic knowledge. Advanced participants master with our support the subtle nuances of the chosen language.

In case of any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us over the phone or make an appointment with the coordinator of our in-company courses. We prepare for you the right cours and an individual offer adjusted to your needs.

Here you will find out more about our in-company courses

The programme and the aims of the course are arranged according to the needs of your company and on the grounds of these the linguistic skills and the most important areas are improved during the course. Together with your company we will choose the thematic scope of the lessons. If you wish intercultural differences may also be the subject of the lessons.

The duration of the course, together with the number of hours per week depend on you – it may be flexible. You can also decide whether the course will take place on the premises of your company or at our school. On your request, after finishing the course, we can also offer a final test with a confirmation of achievede level. Since we are an licemed exam center, you will also find in our offer diverse certified exams.

Our lecturers' competencies:

The deployment in our in-company courses requires from our lecturers an intensive analisis of the company profile as well as individual course preparation according to the compay goal, content, course duration. Not only do our lecturers teach the languages in all CEFR (Common European Reference Framework for Languages) levels, but also they advise with pleasure and patience the participants during the whole learning process. They support learning competencies of the participants, optimise individual learning pathways considering the company’s needs and show how to overcome any obstacles. Besides their grounded professional, methodological and didactic competiencies, they have strong communicationa and personal capabiliteis. You can rely on trustable, pleasant and respectful interaction with our lecturers.

Formal requirements:

  • At least Bachelor’s degree or equivalent degree in studies of the teaching language


  • At least Bachelor’s degree or equivalent degree in studies of other foreign language, additionally confirmation of teaching experience
  • References
Exemplary prices:

Individual program                                     from 32,50 € / 45min per person

Small group 2-4 participants                   from 45,00 € / 45min per group

Groups 5-10 participants                          from 57,50 € / 45min per group

Please send your course enquiry to the coordinator directly:

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