Language courses for companies

Using your hands and legs? In business communicate using your head!

There is no time to look for an appropriate word during business meetings. Thanks to our language courses you and your co-workers will be able to hold international business meetings, negotiate in a chosen foreign language and represent your company in an international market.

Sprachenzentrum Berlinek offers courses for companies in the following foreign languages: English, Polish, Russian, German, Spanish, French and others by arrangement. Our aim is to adjust the programme to suit the needs of your company. It is you who decides whether the focus should be on the business correspondence, telephone conversations or customer service or some other domain. We teach not only the basics of a foreign language but also the stylistic nuances for advanced learners.

The programme and the aims of the course are arranged according to the needs of your company and on the grounds of these the linguistic skills and the most important areas are improved during the course. Together with your company we will choose the thematic scope of the lessons. If you wish intercultural differences may also be the subject of the lessons.

We understand that the duration of the course, together with the number of hours per week depend on you. You can also decide whether the course will take place on the premises of your company or at our school. Having completed the course you will receive a certificate. However a final test can also be carried out if you wish us to do so.

More about our teachers competencies you will find here.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. For our customers we provide individual advice, individual programmes and individual prices.

Our price offer:

Individual classes from 25€∕ 45 min per person

Duo-programme from 19 €∕ 45 min per person

Small group classes from 38 €∕ 45 min per group

In case of classes which take place outside the premises of our school the transport fare is added to the price.

Among our satisfied customers you will find:

The Polish Embassy
The Sudan Embassy
The German Institute for Economic Research (Deutsches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung -DIW Berlin)

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