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Termine Deutschtest für Zuwanderer

Termine Test Leben in Deutschland


Learn German – in a friendly atmosphere, for free or for 1,95 € / 45min!


The integration course is available to all immigrants who are permanent residents in Germany and who speak only a little German, or none at all. The integration course consists of a language course with 600 lessons, and an orientation course with 60 lessons. There is also a possibility of repeating 300 classes. In the language course you learn the vocabulary for all important areas of daily life and the working world. This involves such topics as shopping, public transport, contact with authorities, looking for accommodation, spending free time with friends and neighbours and everyday situations. In the orientation course you become acquainted with Germany and learn the most important aspects of the laws and politics, culture and recent history of Germany.

At the end of the integration course, there two final tests: ‘Deutschtest für Zuwanderer’ and ‘Test Leben in Deutschland’ . In the language test there is an examination of your oral and written German skills. In the second part of the test you are examined on what you have learnt in the orientation course. Once you have passed both parts, you receive the “Integration course certificate.”

Sprachenzentrum Berlinek is authorized to hold the exam “Deutschtest für Zuwanderer A2-B1”, so that participants of our integration courses are taking the exam directly in our school, in small groups and in pleasant atmosphere.

If you would like to take part in an integration course, don´t hesitate to contact the office of our school. We will answer your questions and help you with all the required formalities!

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