English Daycamp

Learning English during summer holidays? Most children would say: “never”!

We have the perfect solution for you – English Daycamp at Sprachenzentrum Berlinek!

Your children won’t even notice that they learn! We are going to do amazing things together – playing, painting, singing, crafts or theatre plays – everything in English.

Berlin gives so many opportunities to enjoy nature, and we are going to use that! We are not going to sit in a classroom in from of a board! As much as possible we will spend time outside. By taking part in different projects, e.g. making a film from scratch or preparing a puppet theatre, the children will absorb the language naturally and create something new that will stay with them for a long time!

One day of a weekly program is going to be ‘discover an unknown side of Berlin’. Although we live in the German capital, we are very often not aware of many surprising and exciting places. We are going to explore them together!
Thanks to all of that, not only will the children learn English, but also find out how to spend their free time in a creative and at the same time interesting way.

Do not hesitate – let your children collect unforgettable memories while developing their language skills.



Our offer Daycamp

Let your kids enjoy Summer at Berlinek
and join our daycamp English!

Language Daycamp for children and teenagers

We promise unforgettable summer, during which your child will learn not only English,
but also how to organise their free time in a creative way.
We are going to play, sing, make crafts, videos and much more!*

Course bookable from one week on

Monday till Friday;   10:00a.m. – 3:00p.m.

6 –10 participants per group

6-12 years old

Begginers – advanced


  • 200,00 € per person per week
  • 5% discount when booking more than one week
  • 5% siblings discount
  • 20,00 € registration fee – does not apply by our regulars.
  • booking single days possible upon request


Prices include:

  • Language activities in small groups: indoor, outdoor
  • Supervision of qualified teachers
  • Special: discover unknown Berlin – trip
  • Learning materials
  • Folder full of memories from our daycamp
    (certificate, photos, videos, souvenir)
  • Warm lunch
  • Snacks in between
    (Fruits, vegetables, pastries, beverages)

And most of all:

  • Much fun!


*We follow current regulations of the locel health department


In case of any questions contact our coordinator:

E-Mail: ewa.urbanik@berlinek.de

Phone: +49 151 176 50 669