Aleks’ healthy bakary

My name is Aleksandra and I come from Poland.
For six years I have been living in Berlin, one of the most exciting cities in Germany.

I came to Berlinek almost five years ago as a student of „Deutsch als Fremdsprache” (German as a second language).
Currently, I teach German and Polish in Berlinek.
Additionally, I coordinate individual programs and administrate our social media.

During my lessons with children at one of the public schools Berlinek cooperates with, I have realized how unhealthy children eat almost every day. I was shocked when I saw that that so many students eat just sweets in their breaks. Different kinds of bars, candies, lollipops – every day!  As I was a child I often heard: ` Come on, it is just one small candy! One piece of cake has never harmed anyone!’
That’s true – sugar itself is nothing bad! The problem is our daily lifestyle and the fact
that we consume much too much sugar since it is everywhere.  That was one of the reasons why, three years ago, I decided to change my eating habits and lifestyle. I have chosen the plant-based diet and reduced sugar in favor of more vegetables.
I like sharing with people my recopies which I have tested in the last years – not only are they very healthy, but also amazingly delicious.
I put all my heart in all that I do! Each product and each recipe has been carefully prepared by myself. Baking is my hobby and making people aware that self-made sweets without artificially processed sugar may be as tasty as those bought.

I hope I could persuade you try my sweet baking or create on your own sweets without sugar according to my recipes: Mit Liebe ohne Zucker