B1+ German course

You have passed B1 exam after integration course and you are not sure what next?
We have a perfect course for you! B1+ German course will help you ground your German knowledge, clarify all your questions
and prepare you for German B2 course.

More information here:

B1+ German course

First week in our new schoolhouse

How fast time flies… We just said goodbye to our old schoolhouse in Maarer Str., and now the first week of lessons in the new building is already behind us.

We enjoy our new, big, bright classrooms, although not everything has been finished yet. We are waiting for some new doors, the stable functioning Internet and a few finishing works.

For our construction team it is very pleasant to see how the new building starts living its life and in front our students, teachers and administration becomes more and more beautiful every day.


See how beautiful is the new Berlinek schoolhouse:


Back in Maarer Str. 48!

On the 23rd of December Berlinek left Wallenroder Str. so that, after half a year after the beginning of the construction works, we can move to our new beautiful schoolhouse in Maarer Str. 48.
At the moment we are preparing all the rooms there for you and are looking forward to seeing you there from the 6th of January 2020.

Here you will find photos from our move

Goodbye Wallernroder Straße!

Maarer Straße short before moving in!

Back in Maarer Str. 48!

On the 23rd of December Berlinek left Wallenroder Str. so that , after half a year after beginning of the construction works, we can move to our new beautiful schoolhouse in Maarer Str. 48.
At the moment we are preparing all the rooms there for you and are looking forward to seeing you there from the 6th of January 2020.

From 23.12.2019 to 03.01.2020 no courses take place there are there are no office hours.

From the 6th of January 2020 we are again for you in Marrer Str. 48, 13435 Berlin:

Monday + Wednesday: 11:00a.m. – 3:30p.m.
Tuesday + Thursday: 11:00a.m. – 7:00p.m.

Our school in Berlin Charlottenburg, Dahlmannstr. 1A is from the 2nd of January 2020 open at its usual times:

Monday – Thursday: 9:00a.m. – 7:00p.m.
Friday: 9:00a.m. – 5:00p.m.

Berlinek Team wishes you a happy New Year!

Alphabetisierung in der Erwachsenenbildung

„Aber wenn ich was verstanden habe, bin ich gewachsen, dann bin ich wie Sonne.“ (Kursteilnehmerin) In einer überwiegend schriftsprachlich geprägten Umwelt wird man sich selten bewusst, was es eigentlich heißt, nicht schreiben und vor allem nicht lesen zu können. Stell dir vor, in Berlin mit den öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln unterwegs zu sein und nicht lesen zu können, die Zahlen nicht zu kennen. Was für ein Gefühl muss das sein? Unendlich viele andere Situationen fallen mir ein, wo ich aufgeschmissen wäre, wenn ich nicht lesen könnte. Welche Strategien man wohl entwickelt, um trotzdem im Alltag klarzukommen. Stell dir vor, du lernst als Erwachsene/r lesen und schreiben, aber nicht in deiner Muttersprache, sondern in einer neuen Sprache. Was für eine Lernaufgabe, das Ziel in so weiter Ferne. Welchen Willen es braucht, dorthin zu gelangen. Im Gespräch mit unserer Dozentin Anne-Marie Lorenz haben wir erfahren, was für eine Lebensaufgabe das ist, nicht nur für …

Aleks’ healthy bakary

My name is Aleksandra and I come from Poland.
For six years I have been living in Berlin, one of the most exciting cities in Germany.

I came to Berlinek almost five years ago as a student of „Deutsch als Fremdsprache” (German as a second language).
Currently, I teach German and Polish in Berlinek.
Additionally, I coordinate individual programs and administrate our social media.

During my lessons with children at one of the public schools Berlinek cooperates with, I have realized how unhealthy children eat almost every day. I was shocked when I saw that that so many students eat just sweets in their breaks. Different kinds of bars, candies, lollipops – every day!  As I was a child I often heard: ` Come on, it is just one small candy! One piece of cake has never harmed anyone!’
That’s true – sugar itself is nothing bad! The problem is our daily lifestyle and the fact
that we consume much too much sugar since it is everywhere.  That was one of the reasons why, three years ago, I decided to change my eating habits and lifestyle. I have chosen the plant-based diet and reduced sugar in favor of more vegetables.
I like sharing with people my recopies which I have tested in the last years – not only are they very healthy, but also amazingly delicious.
I put all my heart in all that I do! Each product and each recipe has been carefully prepared by myself. Baking is my hobby and making people aware that self-made sweets without artificially processed sugar may be as tasty as those bought.

I hope I could persuade you try my sweet baking or create on your own sweets without sugar according to my recipes: Mit Liebe ohne Zucker

The final countown

The final work is taking a high speed since till the move only two weeks are left!
Admittedly, there is still construction, but it is slowly possible to imagine the end effect:
here and there beautiful tiles are to be seen, floors in the classrooms are ready and the heating system is already working!
To finish the electrical installation, lamps, sockets and blinds need to be mounted.
The doors will be installed this week.

Our dear construction workers are doing their best!

We were at the theatre!

One group of our integration courses took part in a workshop at the Maxim Gorki Theater.

Full of excitement early in the morning, we were sitting on a bench in front of the theatre waiting for a drama teacher.  Then she came and soon after the first warming up activity, all our fears were gone. At first, we built the tableau. Next, by means of pantomime – only with mimic ant and gestures – we presented a short story. Finally, we acted in a role-play.  Suddenly to speak German seemed much easier! Mistakes did not count – only joy at playing.

When we stood outside again, we asked ourselves a question – when can we come again to the Gorki Theater?


Our memories on the fall of the Berlin Wall

The 9th of November 1989 began for the Berliners as a usual working day. The weather forecast said it would be a rainy day with mild temperatures of 10 degrees. The greyish sky that day seemed to confirm the predictions. However, the evening brought something unbelievable! The Berlin Wall was, due to the current report of the Pulitburo SED on the new travel law, literally overrun. On the border checkpoints were long queues of people – nobody could have been stopped anymore. They conquered the Wall, danced together, hugged with tears of happiness in their eyes. The city that had been divided for 28 year was finally open! GDR citizens could travel again, families reunited, and friends were able to meet again!

There was no divided country anymore – a completely new chapter of German history could start!

On the 30th anniversary of the fall of Berlin Wall, our apprentice Agata, invites you to an emotional tour through the past Berlin. She has collected some memories from the members of our team and presented it in both video and written form.

Claudia Johanning's memories on 1989

Yesterday I asked my mother of we still had photos from the 9th of November 1989. She said `no‘
since it hadn’t been a special day for us. Interesting because we left the GDR in July. In August we moved to Aschaffenburg form my parents had found job there and somehow Berlin was too far.
At that time we did not have a tv so about the open borders we found out when Marla, a study friend of my parents, together woth her family, suddenly stood at our door. On the 10th of November, she simply got into her car in Greiz and came to us. When I think of that day, friends of our family come to my mind. In the photo,  you can se us on the day of our departure. It was a sunny day. Our friends organised everything for us and we had to pick up our ID certifications form the ministry. Bernhard drove us while Marianne stood already in the queue so that when we arrived, we could immediately get in. That train we could not miss. In Charlottenhof park we had a farewell picnic and very probable that we cheered with a glass of Rotkäppchen sparkling wine. In the photo I look quite thoughtful and suddenly I remember one thought that then I did not dare think about – we actually could have missed the train and then I would not have to leave for good.

Do you still remember that time? We would be grateful to hear from you. Share your memories with us via email: post@berlinek.de or send us a voice message via WhatsApp: 01604759619

This kind of self-prepared videos are a wonderful idea for a project during language lessons. They can be very easily didacticized, and many interesting topics can be implied. For instance, by describing different situations students may practise the tenses forms.

How exactly videos may be used during lesson we will tell you soon in another post.


Photo contest 1

Dear Berlinek – Kids 🙂

We hope you have had a successful start of a new school year! Now we have Halloween and so as not to forget summer, we would like to invite you to our photo contest.

How does it work? Quite simply:

Send us (via email, WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook) a photo of you (if you want in a Halloween costume) with a white Berlinek backpack or with Berlinek umbrella.
Write also where you have taken the photo.

We have already received the first photo from Leela 🙂


Can you guess in which country it has been taken?

On the 6th of December 2019 we will draw, from all the received photos, three prizes.
The winners will get from us a pre-Christmas surprise from Berlin!

Important to your parents: by taking part in the contest you agree that the photo of the child may be published on our website, Instagram and Facebook.

About summer 2020: our new program Summer courses for children and teenagers has already been published. Chack it, we would be happy to see you again in our school!
For our former students prices from 2019 apply!

You can reach us here:

Contact form
Email: sommerkurse@berlinek.de
Whats App: +4915117650069

Many sunny greetings from your Berlinek-Team!


Interior work in progress

After our topping out ceremony, further work goes on rapidly: beautiful black roof tiles have been laid, solar panels assembled, exterior facade plastered.

Meantime, we continued with the works in the outbuilding where the food stall will be. It will open in December!
We are coming to the final spurt: interior work goes on!
Over 4 kilometers of cable will be laid, innovative airing system assembled while the heating installation is practically finished.
Now we have to provide the interior equipment as soon as possible: tiles, laminate, sanitary facilities, sockets, lamps, and, and, and… After all, we want to move in in December!

Have a tour with us through our new schoolhouse:



Language games in our Language Café

Last Friday we met again in our Language Café in Wittenau. This time the topic was ‘groceries’. By tea, coffee and delicious cherrypie, we talked about various treats and played a language game. Games are definitely not only for children! It goes like that: One person sits on a chair and closes their eyes. Another person chooses a picture and stands behind the sitting person in a way the sitting person does not see a picture. The group should describe the picture without naming directly what they see. The sitting person must say what is in the picture. The participants had a great time. Beside laughing a lot, they revised so far learned vocabulary. With joy and friends – this way we learn the best!

We are building sustainably and ecologically

Our new schoolhouse in Maarer Street grows every day!

Not only does it look beautiful, but is also being built from sustainable materials mainly.
For the sake of our environment, we have decided for many innovative solutions.

In this short video, you can see exactly how the new school is being constructed (description in German).

Language Café in Berlinek Wittenau

Since last week Berlinek has been inviting its courses participants to free conversation meetings.

The Language Café takes place in our branch in Wittenau, every Friday from 1:30p.m. till 2:30p.m.
It is lead by two friendly students of Humboldt University: Vanessa and Julia.

More information (in German) is to be found here:

Language Café
Ab dem Herbst 2019 bietet die Sprachschule Berlinek 1 mal die Woche Freitags Nachmittag von 13.30-14.30 Uhr ein Sprachcafé zusätzlich neben den Sprach- und Orientierungskursen an. Hier bietet sich die Möglichkeit für Kursteilnehmer*Innen unserer Sprachschule sich kommunikativ untereinander und mit den Sprachcafé- Anleiter*Innen und/oder Lernbegleiter*Innen auszutauschen. Es sollen die mündlichen Kompetenzen auf den Niveaus A2-B1 spielerisch und alltagsnah ausgebaut werden. Neben dem Ausbau der mündlichen Kompetenzen besteht auch die Möglichkeit das Leseverstehen und -kompetenzen sowie das Hörverstehen und Aussprache zu verbessern.

Das Sprachcafé bietet zudem Raum für ausführlicheres Feedback zur Lernersprache (Aussprache, Verbesserungen der Grammatik, etc.) von der anwesenden Anleitung, wofür in den Kursen aus organisatorischen Gründen oft die Zeit fehlt. Die Lernenden können an einer Auswahl an Aktivitäten selbst bestimmen, was sie in der Gruppe bewältigen wollen. Zudem lassen sich Teams von schwachen und starken bzw. anfänglichen und fortgeschrittenen Lernenden bilden, dass sich Teilnehmende gegenseitig unterstützen können und die Lernerselbstständigkeit ausgebaut werden kann.

Eine Liste an möglichen Aktivitäten ist:

• Leichte Lektüre begleitend zu Alltagsthemen auf verschiedenen Niveaus (Kurzgeschichten aus dem Klett-Verlag)

• Kurzfilme • Sprachwechselspiele und andere Kommunikative Sprachspiele

• Exkursionen im Kiez

• Hilfe bei Alltagsproblemen bzw. Anlaufstellen im Kiez

Alles in Allem soll eine zwangsfreie Atmosphäre herrschen, dass Lernende sich in ihrem Tempo an den Sprachalltag und -gebrauch gewöhnen können und sicherer fühlen ihre Kompetenzen ihrem Niveau entsprechend einzusetzen. Ebenso sollen Einzelsitzungen des Sprachcafés eine zusätzliche Inputquelle für Lernende darstellen, die den Kursteilnehmer*Innen neben ihren Kursen manchmal fehlt.


Topping out ceremony

According to the building tradition, short after finishing a roof construction, we are celebrating a topping out ceremony – a beutiful, scented, fir wreath is being placed at the top of the roof.

Main carpenter, Rico, wearing traditional clothers, is giving a speech and we are breaking glasses which is supposed to be an auspicious sign for the whole investment. The investors are expressing their appreciation  to the Green Constructions company and are handing a cup to the carpenter with a hope for further good cooperation.

This celebration is also a great opportunity for neighbours, friends and staff of Berlinek to see for the first time the interior of the building and imagine how the future school will look like. Mr. Wohlert, a CDU councillor in Reinickendorf district, is with us and shares our joy and excitement about new learning programs that we will be able to offer in this area thanks our new, bigger schoolhouse.
Except for intensive, funded German courses that we have beeb offering since 2012, Berlinek is planning to extend the offer with individual programs, IT courses for the elder and if everything goes well, there will me organised films evening!

Keep your fingers crossed!


Each end is a new beginning

Hallo! Hello! Ciao! привет! ¡Hola Cześć! Bonjour!

Last week we said goodbye to one of the groups who finished their integration course.
Over 6 months of learning together 👩‍🎓, daily meetings, talks about everything 💭, getting to know a new language 🇩🇪, lots of joy, many trips, learning about Germany… and now is the course over 🤭!

Or is it just a beginning… ? 🤗

We wish you all the best 👍 and much success 🍀 in the new chapter of your life in Germany!

Tschüß! Arrivederci! Ciao! Au revoir! Do widzenia! Adios! Bye! @ Berlin-Charlottenburg



House under the roof

Unbelievably fast, only two weeks after starting the montage, our future schoolhouse has been covered with a roof!
Our neigbours, the passerbys stop and admire how during one morning or afternoon next walls, floors, stairs appear.
Next week a tooping out ceremony will take place!
Beautiful black roof tiles are waiting for their turn!




Exkursion zur Gedenkstätte der Berliner Mauer mit dem Orientierungskurs (Alphabetisierung) am 29.08.2019

Unsere Kursleiterin Anne Marie L. berichtet: Thema im Orientierungskurs war die Berliner Mauer: Wie kam es zum Bau und zum Fall der Mauer, wie war das Leben der Menschen unter diesen Bedingungen? Ganz allgemein: Für alle Beteiligten – sowohl für die Teilnehmenden als auch für die Kursleiter –, die sich in den Alphabetisierungskursen mit einer niedrigschwelligen Vermittlung von Lerninhalten im Orientierungskurs auseinandersetzen müssen, ist es unumgänglich, das Klassenzimmer zu verlassen und sich an Orte zu begeben, die uns Geschichte erzählen. Zum Glück ist Berlin voll davon. Solche Exkursionen vereinfachen nicht nur die Verständnisarbeit, sondern viel wichtiger hinterlassen sie Eindrücke, die  die eigenen Erfahrungen aus der Heimat mit der jetzigen Lebenssituation von MigrantInnen verknüpfen. Auf diese Art wird deutsche Geschichte näher gebracht und  in einen größeren – über die Grenzen hinausgehenden Kontext gestellt. Die Gedenkstätte in der Bernauer Straße bietet dazu genügend Anstöße. Jeder, der sie besichtigt, erlebt ein Stück Mauer …

Berlinek at the open days of Katharina-Heinroth Primary School

On Saturday, September the 8th, Katharina-Heinroth Primary School opened its door to parents who are looking for a right school for their children in the next schoolyear. There were many interesting stalls run mainly by the pupils. Students of the grade 6 were showing to the guests the school around. We, as a corporation partner, were also there with our stall and were presenting to the interested parents our offer on the tutoring and subsidiary programs. Moreover, we were very happy to be welcomed so warmly by pupils who have already been attending our classes. Since the beginning of this schoolyear we have already opened more than 25 groups! More details on our tutoring and subsidiary programs are to be found here.

Concrete mixers are there

Six concrete mixers,  110 tons of concrete, 5 hours of pumping, concrete floors as well as great engagement and so there is the first layer of foundations!

The highest time for Feierabend!

Last vacancies in our German courses

In the following courses that begin soon, there are still last vacancies! Look us up, we will be pleased to advise you! Contact Charlottenburg IK_HS_53 / Orientierungskurs  26.08.19-20.09.19 9.00 – 13.15 Uhr IK_HS_57.2 / A 1.2 02.09.19-27.09.19 9.00 – 13.15 Uhr IK_HS_58.1 / A 1.1 16.09.19-05.11.19 18.00 – 21.15 Uhr IK_HS_56.3 / A 2.1 19.09.19-31.10.19 18.00 – 21.15 Uhr IK_HS_59.1 / A 1.1 23.09.19-18.10.19 9.00 – 13.15 Uhr Reinickendorf / Wittenau IK_MV_Alpha_8.1 / Alphabetisierung 02.09.19-04.10.19 9.30 – 13.00 Uhr IK_MV_50.1 / A 1.1 02.09.19-27.09.19 9.00 – 13.15 Uhr  IK_MV_Alpha_6.5 26.09.19-07.11.19 14.00 – 17.15 Uhr

Goodbye Berlin – after Summer courses means before Summer courses!

Berlinek has became a quite place
since the end of Summer courses.

We had wonderful seven weeks
full of joy, laughter and learning.

We will miss all our young students
and are looking forward to next year!

We are very happy after this year
Summer courses for children
and teenagers

Our staff has been exchanging many
beautiful moments and collecting new ideas
for next year.

In September we will publich
the program of Summer courses 2020.
program na 2020.

Many thanks to all teachers, guides and carers!

Foundation laying

We have finished preparing the ground for the foundations:
warming pellets of 60 ³ m of glass foam on the felt lining,
on top of it PE foil under concrete.

Next step: concrete screed on 5 tons of reinforcing steel.

First layer today!


Goodbye our old schoolhouse…

After three weeks after beginning construction works, our little white schoolhous is not there anymore…
What is left are wonderful memories, plenty of pictures and a big hole in the ground…
When the hills of sand are removed, we will strt laying the foundations.

During the demolition showed rusty pipes, strange building materials and a newspaper dated in 1935:

Literary talent

Antonina, the winner of the specia award in a competition ‘The young write poetry’ has finished her German course by us.
She has allowed us to publisch her translation of a poem „Die Geschichte vom fliegenden Robert” (Eng: ‘The story of a flying Robert’) by Heinrich Hoffman.

Hier für euch in zwei Sprachen:
Original German version
Antonina’s translation
into Polish 
„Die Geschichte vom fliegenden Robert”

Wenn der Regen niederbraust,
Wenn der Sturm das Feld durchsaust,
Bleiben Mädchen oder Buben
Hübsch daheim in ihren Stuben. —
Robert aber dachte: Nein!
Das muß draußen herrlich sein! —
Und im Felde patschet er
Mit dem Regenschirm umher.

Hui, wie pfeift der Sturm und keucht,
Daß der Baum sich niederbeugt!
Seht! den Schirm erfaßt der Wind,
Und der Robert fliegt geschwind
Durch die Luft so hoch, so weit;
Niemand hört ihn, wenn er schreit.
An die Wolken stößt er schon,
Und der Hut fliegt auch davon.

Schirm und Robert fliegen dort
Durch die Wolken immerfort.
Und der Hut fliegt weit voran,
Stößt zuletzt am Himmel an.
Wo der Wind sie hingetragen,
Ja! das weiß kein Mensch zu sagen.

Historia latającego Roberta

Kiedy deszcz cicho pada,
Kiedy burzę widać na polu,
Zostają dziewczęta oraz chłopcy
W domu, w swoim pokoju.
Robert jednak pomyślał: Nie!
Na zewnątrz musi być cudownie!
Tam pluska sobie deszczyk
I biegać można z parasolem.

Szszsz… burza gwiżdże i sapie,
Aż drzewo się pochyla!
Spójrz! Parasol przez wiatr porwany,
Z nim Robert szybko frunie
Pod niebo, wysoko, tam w oddali.
Nikt go nie słyszy, kiedy krzyczy.
Z chmurą się zderzył już,
Aż odleciał jego kapelusz.

Parasol i Robert lecą dalej,
Przez chmury ciągle dalej i dalej.
A przed nimi frunie kapelusz
Ciągle zderzając się z niebem.
Gdzie wiatr ich poniesie?
Cóż,tego nikt nie potrafi powiedzieć.


A new school-year has begun! We wish all students much success!

Today, in Berlin, starts a new school-year 2019-2020. We are happy to meet soon our students from two school wee cooperate with: Katharina-Heinroth-Grundschule and Robert-Jungk-Oberschule.  Applications for the free pf charge tutoring classes can be placed from now on in the scholl secretary’s offices.
More detail are to be found here.

By the way: on the 1st of August 2019 our first trainee bagan her schooling by us. A beutiful school cone couldn’t be missed!

We wish Agata much success!

Special award in the competition: The Young write poetry

Meet Antonina / the winner of the special award in the competition ‘The Young write poetry’ 2018! The competition has been organised for many years by the association Polin – Polnische Frauen in Wirtschaft und Kultur e.V.   and the education association
Oswiata e.V. Since 2017 Berlinek has raffled among the billiant young poets an attractive special award : one week German course in Berlin together with an interactive program ‘Activities in the City'(within the Summer courses for children and teenagers).

We are looking forward Antonina’s impressions!

Joyful Summer in Charlottenburg!

While our adult students have their break, we are happy to welcome in our school in Charlottenburg young students from all over the world.
There is a lot of laughter, playing as well as painting. Some of the weeks have already been fully booked, especially, very popular this year program ‘Activities in the City’!

We are happy and grateful for support of our interns: Valentina, Hepzi and Julia!

Attention: new address in Reinickendorf!

Adults learning in our school have their break in July. We wish all our participants many wonderful summer days and good rest!

Attention: all courses in Reinickendorf start after the summer break at the planned times, but in our new location: Wallenroder Str. 1, 13435 Berlin Wittenau (Hause B, 1st floor).

The school has already been furnished and is awaiting its students with pleasant, bright rooms!


Our school in Reinickendorf

Our school in Reinickendorf has a new temporary address: Wallenroder Str. 1, 13435 Berlin (only 350 metres away from our old building in Maarer Str. 48.).

Since the 15th of July 2019 (after intensive relocation last week) the office has been placed in the interim location. Consultation and registration hours stay unchanged:

Monday + Wednesday 11:00a.m. – 3:30p.m.

Tuesday + Thursday 11:00a.m. – 7:00p.m.

Our visitors and participants are going to be welcomed by pleasant, bright rooms and broad, green yard.


Old house, new house!

It has started! Yesterday, on the 15th of July 2019, the demolition of our old house began. Although we cannot wait to see the new building, it was quite a sad view. Luckily, we have many wonderful memories captured in photos and films.

It’s time to say: goodbye old house in Maares Str.


Wir sind stolzer Träger des LQW-Siegels

Seit dem 23.11.2018 ist Sprachenzentrum Berlinek stolzer Träger des LQW Qualitäts-Siegels.
Wir freuen uns über diese Würdigung unserer Arbeit.
LQW ist eine Lernorientierte Qualitätstestierung in der Aus-, Fort-und Weiterbildung, die die Lernenden in den Mittelpunkt stellt.

Hier kommen Sie zum Testat.

Farewell party!

Last Saturday (the 6th of July 2019) we said goodbye to our old house in the Maarer Str. 48 by having a great farewell party. Many guests, including teachers, course participants, neighbours, their families and friends could paint the building adding to it a last artistic flair. Mostly children expressed their talents. See the results below!   Now follows the next stage: moving to the interim rooms in Wallenroder Str. 1!

Die Sommerkurse für Kinder und Jugendliche sind gestartet

Am ersten Tag unserer alljährlichen Sommerkurse durften wir 22 Kinder aus allen Ecken der Welt bei uns begrüßen. Wir konnten alle Kinder dank interaktiver Sprachspiele und unserem attraktiven Programm „Aktivitäten in der Stadt“ davon überzeugen, dass Lernen während der Sommerferien Spaß machen kann!

Die Vorfreude auf weitere Wochen wächst bei uns von Tag zu Tag!

Für weitere Informationen bezüglich unserer Sommerkurse klicken Sie hier:
Sommerkurse für Kinder und Jugendliche

Altes Haus, neues Haus!

Im Bauhaus-Jubiläumsjahr bauen wir ein neues Haus – auf dem gleichen Grundstück, auf dem sich unsere Schule in Wittenau seit 2014 befindet, aber etwas größer in Höhe und Breite und vor allem moderner und komfortabler für uns alle.

In Erinnerung an die schönen Zeiten bisher, möchten wir uns gebührend mit einem großen Fest von unserem alten Schulhaus verabschieden. Das Haus soll dabei einen letzten fantasievollen Anstrich vor seinem Abriss erhalten. Für diese künstlerische Aktion stellen wir die Materialien wie Farben, Pinsel oder Stifte zur Verfügung. Es braucht aber euch, um Ideen in Bildern und Schriftzügen an diesem einen, besonderen Tag zu verewigen.

Schaut doch einfach mal vorbei!

On the 3rd of Juni 2019 a new integration evening course starts in our headquarters in Charlottenburg. There are still free places available.

When you are not sure which level of German you have, you can take part in  our placement test. Our copmpetent office teaym will also answer all of your questions as well as lead you through the  proces of registration in integration course.

You can visit us without prior appointment!

HS 56 03.06.19

For more information, visit our website:

Integration courses German

Places available in integration courses – German!

Four new courses will start in our school soon!

There are still few places available.

More details to be seen below:


IK_HS_55 (morning course)      –  29.04.2019

IK_HS_56 (evening course)       – 13.05.2019


IK_MV_46 (evening course)      – 29.04.2019

IK_MV_47 (morning course)       -29.04.2019

Further information you will find under following link:
Sprachenzentrum Berlinek Integration courses

German course B2

German course B2 starts in September. There are still some places available.

In case you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.

Course schedule in the following link:

B2_9 03.09.2018