Diy Frame Contractor Mirror

DIY Frame Contractor Mirror: A Guide to Customize Your Bathroom Mirror

If you`re looking for a way to add character to your bathroom, and you`re on a budget, a DIY frame contractor mirror is an excellent solution. This project is relatively easy to complete, and it will give your bathroom a more polished look.

In this article, we`ll take you through a step-by-step process of how to make your DIY frame contractor mirror. We`ll also provide some tips and tricks on customization to create a unique mirror that matches your bathroom decor.

Materials you will need:

– A frame

– Mirror clips

– Paint or stain

– Sandpaper

– Measuring tape

– Saw

– Nails

– Hammer

Step 1: Measure the mirror

The first step is to measure the size of your mirror. You will need to know the exact dimensions of your mirror to purchase or make a frame that fits. Once you have measured the mirror, add 1/2 inch to each dimension to accommodate for the thickness of the frame.

Step 2: Choose the Frame

The next step is to choose the frame. You can buy a pre-made frame from a home decor store, or you can create a frame by using wood, which matches your bathroom decor. If you want to make your own frame, choose a wood type that is easy to cut and shape, such as oak or pine.

Step 3: Cut the Frame

Using a saw, cut the frame to the size of the mirror. You can use a miter saw to cut the frame at a 45-degree angle, so the corners will fit together more seamlessly.

Step 4: Sand the Frame

Sand the edges of the frame with sandpaper to remove any rough edges or splinters. After you sand, clean the frame with a damp cloth to remove any sawdust.

Step 5: Paint or Stain the Frame

You can paint or stain the frame to match your bathroom decor. Make sure the paint or stain you choose is moisture-resistant. After painting or staining, let the frame dry completely.

Step 6: Install the Frame

Once the frame is dry, place it over the mirror. Use mirror clips to secure the frame in place. Place the clips on the four corners of the frame and tighten them with a screwdriver.

Step 7: Nails the Frame

To ensure the frame is secure, use nails to attach the frame to the wall. Hammer the nails into the wall, making sure they`re not visible from the front of the frame.


There are many ways to customize your frame contractor mirror. You can add decorative elements such as beads, buttons or shells to the frame. You can also use stencils to paint designs on the frame. Adding molding or trim around the frame is another option to look into.


By following these simple steps and personalizing the frame to match your bathroom decor, you can achieve a customized DIY frame contractor mirror that looks like it came right out of a home decor magazine. Not only does it add character to your bathroom, but it also reflects your creativity.